My pets :)

Here in college, you can only have two kinds of pets; a fish or a horse. Guess it’s understandable, some people are pretty irresponsible when it comes to their animals.  But I really, really miss mine!

He is totally out of focus here, but this is my dog Chef. (AKA Poochie Boy or Poochiko) When he was a puppy, we used to take long walks in the woods and we would play hide and seek. When we moved to the city, he went from being a garage dog to a pampered house dog.   He loves living in the house, but he is NOT a city dog! His favorite activities include riding in cars and swimming. And yes I do talk to my dog on the phone… which can be awkward sometimes… especially at school.

This is  Surfer. Won him at a school fair and want to bring him to school… but it’s an 8 hour drive… and he has become obese in my absence.

This particular praying mantis is Venues. I love praying mantises.  When ever I have one, I take her everywhere. And I do mean everywhere… rode trips, plane rides, you name it.

Hummm, this is my cousin’s pet cow.  Note to friends and family… I really, really want a pet cow, like for my birthday or something.

And I want a real live one too, not a dead one to feed 500 people at my wedding or whatever >.< that’s just horrible.


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