Instead of ‘Happy Birthday’ we say “To the Fountain!”

On that special time of year… when the candles are blown and wishes are made… the student’s of PUC have made it a tradition to gather around for an anticipated event.

This is Queenie, and today is her 19th birthday. She has just returned from a surprise birthday dinner… but there is one surprise left.

She gets  thrown in the fountain!!!

Yes, it is a tradition here at PUC to throw students into the fountain on their birthdays.

The water is freezing cold, but they come out smiling every time.

Caring friends will stick around…

And bring towels. Lots of towels!  Maybe even a cup of hot coca.

Sometimes it is easy to get carried away. Witnesses might be chased and caught….

They need to be careful or they might get thrown in the fountain too!

Unfortunately,  a few weeks after this happy moment, an email has been sent to the students of PUC saying that it is against the rules to throw people in the fountain.  The school said that it was considered “an illegal act of hazing.”
Regardless of the email, people still end up in the fountain. They might be thrown in on their birthdays – or they may go swimming in the rain…. The tradition lives on!!!


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