Aerial Photography

As you have noticed from my past works, I love going to the airport.

I’ve traveled in planes since I was a month old and wanted to get my pilot’s license since I was 14.

Do to some unfortunate events, my wish has yet to come true.

But last night I was in for a special treat.

I got to fly a plane!

The winds were pretty strong and a heavy cloud cover prevented us from flying to either Napa or Santa Rosa.  Instead we flew over Pope Valley and Lake Berryessa.

In order to take pictures, I opened my window. The wind was too strong. I had to make due with the window’s glare.

I flew in circles around the lake; practicing banks and turns. Finally I gave the controls back to Vince and we flew back to school.

Yup, our school has it’s own airport, isn’t that great?


One thought on “Aerial Photography

  1. I am so glad you got to experience this. What wonderful images. Anyway, a few years back I went up with my dad in his Cessna and we flew over Crater Lake. I was lucky as we had no wind so was able to leave the window get my shots. My father has in the past flown other photographers who had him remove the door before they went up! Hope you get to fly more.


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