The Baby Newt

I had never seen a newt or a salamander in real life. But I always wanted to have one, maybe as a pet.
So yesterday when my boyfriend and I went for a walk in the woods – it came as a total surprise when we stumbled across a newt.

Oh my goodness and it was the cutest little newt ever! I took it home to show Jazmine and Regina. Jazmine loves animals too, and we thought that maybe we could keep it as a pet. But then Regina made a scary discovery! She found out that the ‘California Orange Bellied Newt’  has the same toxin found in puffer fish. It is toxic enough to kill a human! We freaked out so badly that we returned the newt to the forest immediately. It wasn’t till late last night that we found out that the California  Newt is only poisonous if eaten and it can actually be kept as a pet and feed earthworms. Jazmine and I were so sad that we hadn’t known this before! We could have keept it as a pet!
Anyway here are some more pictures !


11 thoughts on “The Baby Newt

  1. Oh my goodnesssss I have been wanting to find something like a newt or lizard to take a photo of but I never seem to happen upon them! I’m glad you did though and that you posted these photos 🙂 Thank!

    ~My Blog


  2. Love the photos of the newt. Until I saw this I had forgotten that my brothers and I had had pet salamanders (back when I was 5!). One day, as they have clingy feet, they climbed up the glass and out of the uncovered aquarium. Never to be seen again….I am sure ghosts salamanders still inhabit that old house 🙂


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