“What are You Mixed With?”

It’s a question that I get asked often enough.

I usually say ‘Caribbean’ and it works – but other times I am asked if that is in Africa or Europe.  C’ome on people, haven’t you heard of Pirates of the Caribbean?

281392_2059383568077_4944770_nAnd well, there is some truth to that.  Apparently our Prussian ancestor, Theodore Birelski, was a pirate.


Being from the Caribbean means I’m mixed. On my Dad’s side I got Polish, Scottish, English, French, Mosquito Indian, Jamaican and West African. On my Mom’s side I got  Spanish, Irish and Native American.  It’s kinda a mouth full to explain.

281709_2059379927986_278416_nI love going to family reunions  and seeing all the diversity within the family.  I got little cousins from just about every main ethnic group.


Once, we went to a family meeting held in three different languages. English, Spanish and Patois (San Andrés–Providencia Creole). It was weird because when the speaker started speaking in Patois, my cousins and I all looked at each other in confusion. Meanwhile our parents were all nodding in agreement. We didn’t even know about that language existed, much less that our parents could understand!

Mixed Race Children
So yeah… I could say I’m Colombian or Mexican but usually I just go with Caribbean. It includes everything inbetween!


6 thoughts on ““What are You Mixed With?”

  1. I think we are distant cousins. My grandfather is Oswald Lafayette Robinson born 12/28/1888 in San Andres, Columbia and I believe my great ancestor is Theodore Birelski or Berelski the Chief mate to Captain Henry Morgan.

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    1. Hey Cynthia, that’s so cool! You are the third person to contact me because of this post 😀

      Not sure if Theodore Birelski (or Berelski) was Chief Mate on Cpt. Morgan’s ship though. Morgan died in 1688 while Birelski arrived on the island in 1804 🙂


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