Belle Comes to Life at 15

Meet Belle. Well actually her real name is Ingrid although she has been known for dressing up as belle during various important events throughout her life.

Recently Ingrid asked me to take her Quinceanera  pictures.  She wanted her pictures to be different from the traditional portraits  hanging from living room walls. That particular photoshoot was one of my stranger ones though. It started at 11pm – right after my camping trip and just a few hours before my return trip to the US. We had to rearrange her whole room to make it studio/camera friendly. We also had to hook up extra lights and all sorts of stuff. I didn’t get home till like 2am!

I’m still working on editing to create a portrait worthy of  of hanging from her family’s living room. This is my progress so far…

 Although I still have to change the background. Ingrid requested a nature looking one – and so I’ll probably have to go out and take more pictures in order to find the perfect one. That, and I should probably add her  bouquet to the picture.
Here is another picture of Ingrid’s that I’ve messed around with… I made her look vintage !

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