Sunset Shore

These are the results of my first ever on location photoshoot with studio lighting. 

Chloe and I had this crazy assignment for portrait photography. We needed to shoot on location with a lighting kit. Now this might sound easy but for a first, it was not so much. Especially since the kit was large and pretty heavy.
Chloe drove myself and our two models Sarah and Melissa out to Lake Hennessey. Once there, we tried to set up our equipment on the dock. We got the lights set, but the wind picked and threatened knock them  into the water. Thus we decided to shoot on paved ground, just in case. The wind refused to stop. It just kept acting up, pushing the lights this way and that. It was so bad that someone had to hold on to the lights at all times to make sure they wouldn’t tip over.
The wind was not our only concern though! Chloe and I had no idea which camera would connect to the light kit – we  brought multiple cameras (like five of them!) Thankfully one of them was able to connect, otherwise our project would have been a disaster.
Although we were in a hurry, we had a wonderful time on the shore of the lake. The boaters and tourists probably thought we were crazy. There was way too much equipment spread everywhere.
I really wanted to get a picture of Melissa from another side of the shore. We debated taking the lighting kit but decided against doing so.  Best choice ever made because the path to the specific location was super muddy and rocky! Oh well I still got some pretty shots 🙂
To view more of them please visit Sunset Shore.


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