Floating American Dream

This past weekend I was kayaking with my friend Zach when we came upon a peculiar sight. There was a house floating in the middle of the river! What a crazy sight for sure! The house looked abandoned except for the solar panels on the roof top. Zach and I where like “Oh, what a nice location to make a film!” but upon closer investigation, we saw signs that said “Please Respect My Home” and so we circled around the property but didn’t touch it.  On the nearby shore, we found a log with wooden steps and a canoe hidden in the foliage. Zach and I banked our kayaks, climbed up the log and set off to explore.
The sight was absolutely breath taking. The forest was thick with luscious foliage and the river water shone in various shades of blue and green.

We hiked quite a ways down the trails but had to return after finding a series of sketchy things. Not only that but the temperature was significantly lower than at the river. I was shattering, shivering and couldn’t feel any fingers or toes! 

Back on the river, this is one of the last images I took of the floating house.
There is something aesthetically pleasing about viewing the weathered remains of furniture in someone’s floating back yard. The pastel colors and the texture really bring character to the objects. They have been somewhere – they have stories to tell- they speak on behalf of the owner. As I was staring at this sight, I was much inspired/reminded of William Eggleston’s work.  As a pioneer of color photography, this man had the ability of turning a mundane situation into a memorable photograph.  I hope that in taking this image I was able to capture the beauty among the ordinary as  Eggleston would have done.


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