Behind the Scenes of Harrison & Gregor

For our Intro to TV Production Class, thought by Tag & Rodney, we were asked to make a short segment for a children’s show. Our group was determined to make something better than the other team, so we set to work.

1st Children's Show 016

We decided to use a green screen for our project because our lab hours where late at night and it would be too dark to film outside.
Hannah did make up for our actors. It was a bit exaggerated due to the nature of our short film. Nothing was supposed to look realistic.

Harrison & Gregor1

Connor was our director. He read over the lines with the actors. Chloe didn’t need to read from the script, she wrote it!

1st Children's Show 058

We had plenty of time to mess around. Mostly because we had to get our lighting set up just right. There couldn’t be any shadows or anything in the background otherwise our green screen effect would be ruined. Charles, a upperclassman with much more experience came to help us out. We figured that the lighting formula was similar to that of high key lighting in photography.

Harrison & Gregor2

But we weren’t just using the green screen, we also had to set up studio space to look like a playroom. Morgan was in charge of production design.

Harrison & Gregor 3

She did a good job. We got a little carried away there. Group coloring time, just like the good ole days, lol! Some of the girls and I also chased the guys and colored the tips of their noses with the make up sticks. Naturally, they didn’t like that too much!

Harrison & Gregor 4

But soon, we all had to get back to work. We had to make sure all the equipment was ready to use. Half of it we hadn’t quite used before. Kalle did sound for us. He and his brother usually team up on film projects but this time his brother was chosen to be on the other team.

Harrison & Gregor 6

The actors got ready…

Harrison & Gregor 7

And Grace clapped the clapper board.  Are you ready to see our final result?
Here it is, brought to you by Chole’s youtube channel.


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