Rain Drops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

It’s kinda tradition to go to the Rose Parade. My Dad used to go as a child and my grandparents would even spend the night just to get a good viewing spot.
We had to wake up super early to get there in time. 4:30am to be exact.

Rose Parade 070

Something that made me kind of angry is that as I was taking this photo, a man behind me got angry and started shouting for me to move away. I just thought it was kind of rude, especially in such a crowded environment.  I had been there less than two minutes. I was about to explain that I just wanted to get a close up, but figured it would be pointless. After that, I walked around to another location.

Rose Parade 082a

Took a lots of video but not as many pictures. There where other photographers out there with really fancy rigs. It was kind of intimidating.

Rose Parade 090aThis was one of my favorite floats. It was just so colorful, tropical and exotic. The dancers really added something , maybe a slice  Costa Rica, maybe Southern Mexico… I couldn’t really tell which.

Rose Parade 187a
One of the reasons I was really excited to be there was that I had gone to see the Norco Cowgirl team practicing for the Rose Parade. Unfortunately, as the actual parade was in progress, I failed to recognize them! Oh well, major sadface! I did get to see them on TV though XD

Rose Parade 120a

Ah, Dr. Seuss! All the childhood memories of elementary school and learning to read. Gotta say this was another favorite.

Rose Parade 138a

For part of the time, I changed to a telephoto lens. It was perfect for capturing closeups of the bands and drill teams… but it was no good for the floats! They were just far too grand and far too big! That up there was probably the only good picture of a float obtained with the telephoto lens… and it was a close up at that. Only possible because the float stopped long enough for me to focus on it.

Rose Parade 114a

Of course, there were also those pictures where I was too busy filming as the float went by and was only able to photograph it after it had gone by. But this one came out kind cute, don’t you think? It’s a good thing the back of this float was just as awesome  as the front 😀Rose Parade 075aFinally… (but actually at the beginning of the parade) is that Mckayla Maroney got to ride in one of the floats. I thought that was really cool because I never thought I would get to see her in person. Even from afar.

Over all, and despite that grouchie old man, this year the Rose Parade was pretty darn awesome! It was more so in person than on the perfect footage captured for television, because nothing can compare to attending an event in person.


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