Faceless Reflections

Field of Pretty Flowers 124a

Over spring break Zach, Kelanie and I found a magical field of grass. We spent the afternoon running up and down the hillside.

We spent most of our time taking pictures. While the sun was high in the sky, we used reflectors to light each other. As golden hour rolled in, we used the reflectors as props.


I ran out of card space and Kelanie forgot her camera, so we took most of the pictures with Zach’s 6D.   This type of thing is a common occurrence. Sometimes my friends and I have to mix and match each other’s batteries, SD Cards or Cameras so that we have at least one working picture taking device.


Both this and the picture above were taken by Kelanie. All three of us have copies of the images and we each edited them our own way.

Field of Pretty Flowers 127a

I can’t really decide what category to fit these images in. They are obviously portraits,  they are fashionable, artistic and arguably conceptual.
Oh well, whatever, they were fun to create 😀

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