Beyond the Scenes

Sophomore year, we had a Group Production assignment for a ‘fictional narrative’.    We were to work in pairs, each with our own project, alternating directing and cinematography positions. Zach and I actually stayed through spring break to work on our short films, but he was both director and cinematographer for his own project.

Beyond Production (1)Because his story was post-apocalyptic, we actually considered filming in a ghost town. Unfortunately, the nearest one was several hours away.  Location scouting proved that many locations nearby would work just fine.

Beyond Production (4)We did have minor difficulties getting access though. For example, Zach found a tractor graveyard but had the hardest time contacting those in charge.  He finally got the keys, and we moved right inside.

I was often distracted and wanted to do spontaneous photoshoots of Ben. He played the main character and his outfit went fashionably well with the locations.  Had a camera and reflector ready just in case.

Beyond Production (2)Kélanie did sound design for our first shoot. We were glad to have her on campus while the rest of the school was gone.  I’m not 100% sure, but this may have been one of her first experiences using the sound equipment.  She also went location scouting with us, and we pretty much hung out the whole break.

Beyond - Production

Funny as it seems, location scouting was not the biggest challenge. We needed to find a girl! Kélanie agreed to play the part as a last resource. There weren’t many options, since EVERYONE was out for the break.

We waited till after break to film those scenes. Serena played the girl. Serena was so much fun to hang out with. We were always up to some sort of mischief or another.

Beyond (516x1024)

The second day we shot at the lake was intolerably hot. The water looked so pretty and inviting from the bridge!  Serena and I told the boys that we were ditching production to go swimming. They were fine with it as long as we had bathing suits. We told them we didn’t. One of the boys had just asked if we were planning to go skinny dipping when the police showed up to escort us off the bridge.  It was so awkward.

The next time we returned to the lake, Serena and I were ready. After filming was done we grabbed the car keys, stripped to our bikinis and ran off screaming. We didn’t see the boys for a long time. When they finally appeared, they found us shivering and unable to get out of the water. Thankfully they weren’t upset.That Friday night, we returned with blankets, glows sticks and a larger group of friends. It was loads of fun and thankfully, this time the water was warmer.Beyond (2) (683x1024)

It took forever, but Zach was finally able to get all the footage for his film. We got to see it at the Vineyard Festival at the end of the school year. I didn’t post anything till now because the final video didn’t get uploaded to youtube till recently. Feel free to take a look!


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