Sunlit Moon


Would you believe me if I told you this picture was taken at 1:12am?

The challenge was to take a picture of the stars.  We set out really late because my last class ended at 10pm.


First stop was lake Hennessey.  It took a while for us to figure out what we were doing.  The pictures kept turning out under exposed, over exposed , out of focus and so on. A bunch of them even  made it look like it was broad daylight!

As soon as we had figured it out, a thick mess of clouds covered the sky. We were very disappointed.  The boys wanted to leave but I convinced them to help me out with a few light photography tricks. It wasn’t the best choice time wise.


We all hopped back into the car and Ben drove us out to Pope Valley.  The ideal thing would have been to drive out to lake Berryessa, however I was only allowed out till 2am.

Instead we stopped at a random location in Pope Valley.  Markus, Ben and set out their cameras on the side of the rode. We tried again. It still looked like daytime.


This is one of the ones that I took of just the stars.  We found out that the reason why our pictures weren’t coming out was because of the moon. It was way too bright. We are going to try again as soon as the new moon comes about.
Thankfully, the assignment has been extended till the end of May.


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