A Photoshoot with Ariel

Mermaid Girl

In my digital photo editing class, we were supposed to choose a fairy tale and recreate an image using photoshop.

I choose ‘The Little Mermaid’ because I wanted to try out my new mermaid tail on someone. The problem was finding Ariel.

Well that wasn’t too hard – I ran into Cassi during breakfast and even though I didn’t know her at the time, I asked if she was available later in the day to take the pictures. Thankfully she was willing to do it.

Cassi  ended up coming to the studio early because my photography professor did not approve of a different photoshoot I was supposed to be working on. I needed an excuse to be in the studio!

With the help of the professor and two  guy friends, we were able to create the proper lighting, angles and wind effect for Cassi. Afterwards I set to work on photoshop, transporting Cassi from the studio to the beach.

In order to make her look even more like Ariel, I had to change the color and texture of the mermaid tail as well as her top. Sebastian was also  added to the picture.  Looks a lot more like Ariel, doesn’t it?

Mermaid Photoshoot


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