La Sirenita

Mermaid Time 225Ok, so remember how I said in my ‘About Me’ that my career choice as a kid was ‘mermaid’?  Well my parents made me a mermaid tail for Christmas! I didn’t get to try it out till a couple of weeks ago.  The tail is super heavy underwater, and the fact that I can barely swim doesn’t help either. I feel that the other mermaid tail I had was much easier to swim in.

PicMonkey CollageMy friends and I got to go to Dillon beach a couple weeks ago. Queenie, Cassi and I snuck away so I could get some pictures with my new mermaid tail. We only took a couple; I was a little too self conscious – people were staring.  The pictures were pretty good but I decided to edit them to make them better. It’s almost magical to see the image transform.

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