Chillin’ in Vintage America

IMG_8398bOh, you know, chillin’ on the porch sipping ice cold lemonade.  “It’s like the life people wish they had.” Anastasia said about the pictures we were taking.

We had just finished up with a photoshoot downtown.  We walked back to Anastacia’s house and decided we wanted a couple more shots on her front porch. Complete with the American flag and our outfits, we felt that we looked like typical American housewives (from several decades back), living the American dream.
Sipping Lemonade

For a finishing touch, we used lemon concentrate to pose as lemonade.  Unfortunately, the heat caused us to drink down most of our prop before we could add sugar to it!

We were able to take the pictures using the new remote control I had purchased the night before.  The remote’s inability to respond promptly caused us to look distressed in some of the pictures. Especially if the shutter was not being pressed as the photo was taking!

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