All Dressed in Sunday Best


The title of this post makes me laugh because Anastasia and I actually go to church on Saturdays instead of Sundays.

When we were younger, Anastasia and I would sneak out of church to do photoshoots.  One time we climbed over a fence to take pictures in a playground. On another occasion, we walked to the firehouse and dressed up as firemen.  This time we decided we were too old and mature to be doing that kind of stuff… so we attended church and scheduled the photoshoot for a Wednesday morning.

Russian We picked out our finest dresses and headed downtown to the library. I found it amusing how people reacted to us taking pictures.  We encouraged them to go ahead and walk through but most would go around or turn the other way. Still there were others who stood at a distance and stared.


We had plenty a good time and learned a few lessons about photography and modeling.  Afterwords we headed to Anastasia’s house to go over the pictures.  I edited some of them for her right then and there. Others I saved till I got home.

I’m a little upset; my power chord ended up at school so I’ve had no access to photoshop since the summer began.

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