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Working With the Coffee Guru 029Woke up early on a Sunday morning  and headed down to San Francisco. Mission: To help film  Linea Caffe‘s Kickstarter.

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On the way to San Fran, I talked to my professor about my interest in becoming a set photographer.  Tag gave me lots of advice. He said that the most important thing was to stay out of the way of the crew but mange to capture quality images of the set.

While I did take a bunch of images on set, my main job was to capture sound with an R-44.  Boy was I scared! I had spent the night before looking up information on how to properly capture sound. Of course, I had already survived one quarter of sound design, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

PicMonkey Collage2It took a while to get used to the jest of things; to properly set up the equipment, to make sure it was working and such things.  I had to be ready, hiding under counters or next to the camera ready to capture even the slightest wave of sound.  Ben and Zach, who where doing lights and grip work, also watched out for me and made sure I was doing things right.

All three of us were amazed by our professor’s ability to quickly get the task done.  The shots would be called out, we set up for the shot, filmed and were ready to move on.  It was such a professional environment in comparison to the sets of student films.

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We shot for a total of two days in three different locations.  I think my best memories of this project was the interaction between the crew and the public.  It was very interesting to see the reactions of people as we filmed on the streets. Some chose it as an opportunity to start fights while others wanted to hog all the attention. There was also some confusion with the word ‘shoot’ as several individuals related it to a gun rather than a camera.

f84b0fe981990e789f4ebbbb2282ba11_largeTo see the final product, click on the image above and watch the video from Linea Caffe’s kick starter page. Enjoy!

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