Dream’n by the RailWay as the Sun Slips Away

IMG_8603aThe first time someone directly mention these images, they described them as “girls by the train”. Of course, I was super confused… I hadn’t taken any pictures near any train of any kind. Or had I?

IMG_8542aAfter looking at the pictures again, I realized that the background did look like a train! It was so weird! In reality the structure was actually an old shed standing near a hiking trail.

IMG_8583I’m surprised that the girls where able to get up there, given that they chose to walk up in heels. IMG_8598One of the biggest challenges was reflecting the light onto the girl’s faces. Not only was the sun behind them, on the other side of the shed, but it was also sinking lower and lower by the second.   I tried to balance a reflector on the tripod.  That worked for a little while, until it was time to move further away from the shed.

IMG_8697aFor this image here, I actually used photoshop to blur the background and add a flux ray of light. I like this picture very much because it makes Anaida look like a doll.

IMG_8652aWe also took this one with the sun behind her. Anaida asked me to edit it for her but I couldn’t really change much except for the saturation. Well, her bra straps where also removed from the final composition.

I definitely had a lot of fun working around the lighting conditions through out this project. This is probably one of my best photoshoots so far. It can only get better. I look forward to working on similar project in the future.


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