Price Tags ? Yeah, I Kinda Need Help…

4 thoughts on “Price Tags ? Yeah, I Kinda Need Help…”

  1. Well, unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of positivity to offer because I have the same problems. Being in business as a photographer is tough. Everyone has a camera and everyone thinks they’re a photographer. All you can do is show them that what you offer is different than what they can do and market to the right people. I’ve pretty much given up on seniors and families and concentrate more on weddings, where they usually want a professional to document that special day. I think $65 is a very low price for a portrait session. My session fee is 150 and that doesn’t include any prints or digital copies.


  2. I probably wouldn’t let them look at my camera for $25. If people don’t want to pay, they aren’t likely to get professional work. You can’t do anything about people who don’t want to pay a fair price, except let them know the price in advance, and don’t do the work if you’re not certain than can and will pay.


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