Unexpected Turn of Events

As you get distracted here, by these lovely images of my friend Pumulo, I’d like to share with you about the strange events that occurred that day.

We had decided on doing the photoshoot at an abandoned train station. It’s quite the popular shooting location around here.  As soon as I arrived, Pumulo pointed out that we would not be the only ones visiting on such occasion.

She had arrived earlier than I and was quite frightened by the behavior of three individuals who were resting in the shade. Two of them, a man and a woman, where engaged in a cycle in which they would argue, fist fight, make out and then cuss each other out.

We tried to go on with the photoshoot as planed – but left very quickly when the man stormed through the set and caused yet another reason to argue.

Later on, Pumulo wanted to try out her skills at photography and asked me to model for her.  – which I’m terrible at, by the way.-  A woman came up to us and started giving me tips on how to pose correctly.

As the woman was about to go away, she suddenly returned and asked if we had change to spare “So I can buy food at Vons for my daughter. She is two years old”.

Pumulo and I looked at each other. The only change I had was for the bus fare. Pumulo reached into her purse.  I had a better idea. I told the woman that we would go with her to Vons and I’d purchase the groceries she needed.

She seemed to feel really bad about straying us from our photoshoot and making us walk so far.  But never the less she agreed and led us to the store. Pumulo and I started freaking out … we had never walked through so many back alleys before!

I floated through the store in a daze. Pumulo asked several times if I was ok and if I was really planning to pay for the woman’s groceries. “Yes,” I told her, but I had never done this before.

I was able to keep the woman from getting unhealthy food such as soda… but I couldn’t convince her against the chips!  She got some breakfast and dinner items as well personal hygiene products.

The woman was very grateful. She thanked and hugged us several times. In addition, she got us large iced water from Starbucks.

It felt good to help her, especially with actual things, instead of throwing out random change.  It was a great ending to a photoshooting day 😀

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