“Punk Rock” and “Glamour”

IMG_0125a (683x1024)A few years ago, during a road trip around the US, I realized that it would be amazing to do fashion oriented photoshoots around the world.

Project Idea:  9 countries, 9 photo shoots, 9 months.

I’m not sure if this will work out, because so far it’s not going so good…   but at with least one photoshoot per country I visit during my school year in France would be something, wouldn’t it?

So, even if I don’t get to all 9 photoshoots, at least it’s worth a try.

Country of and Place Origin: California, USA.

I’d made a deal with someone that if they got access to the local airport, I’d shoot for free. As it turns out, I was able to get permission myself.  Unfortunately, neither of my original models were able to make it.

IMG_0272a (1024x683)

After contacting my assistant, Amanda, we decided to use [Sarah] as our model.  During the actual photo shoot, Amanda became second photographer. She was also in charge of video/photo documenting the event. If this project succeeds, I might create a mini documentary, it worked very well with my [last project.]  Amanda’s sister, Lisa, helped Sarah get ready and stuff.

My friend Bryan, who had just arrived from a year in Guyana, was our onset pilot/flight instructor.  He made sure that we didn’t do anything dangerous. He was also there in case anybody had any questions and needed to talk to someone official.  His younger brother Mark was in charge of the reflector.

Victoria who had just arrived from a summer in China, watched or stuff during the photoshoot.

The first couple of shots were supposed be that of an artist about to go on tour.  As the photoshoot went on, I decided that it wasn’t the best combo. Pictures still came out pretty good though.

Sarah changed and Bryan lead us down the airport. As we were taking pictures by a small helicopter, a gocart pulled up. Roger told us come by his helicopter and he would set it up for us to use.

It was so cool! They opened it up for us and everything!

Helicopter (734x1024)

An airport is a good start for this project. Airports always lead to adventure and world travel.

I’m looking forward to working on these photoshoots. It’s gonna be a challenge. In the USA, I have access to just about everyone and everything I need for my photoshoot. In Europe… I’m not even sure how to find people willing to model. It’s not always easy talking to strangers.

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