Literally Posted on My Wall

IMG_4194 (669x1024)

Soon after arriving at my new room, I walked down the hall to my friend Grace’s room. She had decorated one of her walls with pictures from last year. I gasped in surprise as I noticed a particular image of myself,  guy friends  on either side, all eyes crossed, spoons hanging from our noses. Hadn’t seen that one before!

Grace reminded me that the day that image was taken, she had promised not to post it on her wall. Her Facebook wall, but that she liked the image so much that she had literally posted it on her bedroom wall.

I tried to go without pictures. Really did… but after two weeks in my new room – I had to get it decorated.  So I went down to Geneva and got my favorites printed. Ha ha ha. For future reference, NEVER print out pictures in foreign countries if you can avoid it. It cost me three times the price of having them done in the US.

Grace helped me put them up.  The room is a lot brighter with all the pretty colors.

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