New Horizons

France after the rain (1024x686)

I remember Caribbean sunsets as exotic, but there just aren’t any pictures to justify how amazing and glorious the French/ Swiss sky looks every day.


Guess there’s a reason why the guys’ dorm is called ‘Les Horizons’. Kinda jealous over here.  With Geneva, the lake, and French mountains on the other side of the valley, they clearly have the best view!  There are just too many trees in front of the girls dorm.


I wake up and go to class every morning regretting the decision to leave my cam in the dorm. Of course,  It’s usually cloudy and dark. But often, the clouds part just above the mountains, illuminating them with surrealness.  We just walk into class and stare out the windows until our professor walks in.


One day during break, we were blessed with a full rainbow. Yes,  from start to end. That’s crazy. I’ve never quite seen a rainbow actually start from the ground up. Gotta get that pot of gold now!

Anyway, this picture was taken during a morning run. The sun doesn’t rise on that side, but sometimes those mountains are actually gold.

I just can’t. It’s too pretty!



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