Antsy to get to Annecy

That View (1024x683)

After dinner one night, an older man stopped for a chat. He recommended that my friends and I visit the French town of Annecy and  Pont de la Caille.

Having just arrived in France, I was scared to venture out. But I really wanted to go! Thankfully, our school had an outing planned.

IMG_4151 (1024x683)

The town itself, especially old town, is so cute.  We spent a lot of our time taking pictures and at one point just sitting along the river absorbing the beauty.

That One Spot (1024x620)

My favorite part was probably seeing this view. It’s pretty much the only thing I had seen online while researching the town. I’m still a little upset that we weren’t there at night.  I would really like to come back to this place here and do some long exposures.

Them (1024x681)

After walking along the canals, we climbed up the hill. On our way, we saw a dungeon looking place. Naturally, we ran in excitement. Unfortunally, a strange stench rose from beyond the iron bars.  Everyone left the area very quickly.

IMG_4047 (1024x683)And yes, we did get to visit Pont de la Caille. The feeling of wind rushing through our hair as we ran up and down the bridge was totally worth the visit. I went to the edge and looked down. It was a long way. I’m saddened to hear that this is also called Suicide Bridge because of the number of people who jump on a yearly basis.

That’s really sad. It’s always important to look at the best things in life and leave the worst behind.

Anyway…. to end on a beter note, here is a Vlog from Grace’s youtube.

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