Fire Sparkles and Blue Flashlights

Filming Fireworks (4)Got a text from Arve during an after vespers tea party. Were we up for some night photography? With sparklers? How could we say no? Headed to a nearby field. The fun was just about to start.

Filming Fireworks (3)The most important part of night photography is making sure enough light is coming in through the lens.  We made sure our cameras were set to the correct settings before moving on to the sparklers. Didn’t have very many of them!

Filming FireworksThe top picture with Matt waving the sparkler was taken by Zach. He set the shutter speed at just the right setting for capturing stars.  I took the one at the bottom.  Behind the scenes yo!

Filming Fireworks (2)Here’s one of Regina with a flash light. Tripods were probably used for all the shots. Definitely hiking up that long exposure.  There was not enough light to do it any other way.

Filming Fireworks (1)My favorite picture is the one that Zach took of Arve with all the stars in the background. The light was created with a lighter.  It took so many tries but the final result was way cool.

My SD Card was misplaced shortly after the pictures were taken. Glad to have finally found them! I’d actually like to try some night photography in Geneva. We’ll see how it goes. Wish me luck!


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