Moroccan Vagabond

At the end of Freshman year, Ben asked to exchange a plane ride for headshots.  I was worried because I’d never done pictures for a guy before.  Turns out that should have been the least of worries. Yes, it was easy to take nice pictures, but during that photoshoot, I found out that I had no idea how to use my camera. Didn’t know how to adjust the settings for the proper exposure . . . didn’t know how to white balance accordingly…Etc. Thankfully Ben liked the pictures, but it was so embarrassing! It wasn’t until February of the next year that someone took the time and patience to stay after work and show me how F-stops, exposure and depth of field worked together. (No wonder I’ve had Cs in photography!!!) Morrocan Vagabond (1)During sophomore year, Ben changed majors from aviation to film. We’ve since collaborated on a ton of projects for both film and photography.  These pictures were taken during production for his brother’s film project. Morrocan Vagabond (2)It was funny because throughout the project, I’d be like ‘Wait, OMG! Photoshoot!!!’ and pop out the reflector.  These images show the striking improvement within a year. Especially since they were taken on the go rather than carefully thought out. The pictures were uploaded to Flickr under the names ‘Vagabond’ , ‘Le Long Voyage’ and ‘Morocco’… hence the name of this post.

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