Bare Feet, Snow and the Pre-Alps

Walking on Snow (1024x683)

Of course, everyone in California is bundling up for the cold. By cold, I should probably specify that they are experiencing temperatures in the 70s… But when the sun shown over the French Pre-Alps and the temperature rose up to 43◦, we grabbed black dresses and ran barefoot across the snow.

Again, I borrowed Grace’s camera because mine is broken. Unfortunately, it ran out of battery. Ankle length silk dress, tea mug in hand, Sarah went to get a fresh one. She was seen running down the mountain side by a very confused French woman.  (Sarah was later seen in a red dress lugging a boulder… this girl! XD )

Anyway, the final image was a composite of four different images. The first was of the landscape. Afterwords, Sarah, Kaelibeth and I took turns in front of the camera.  Camille lighted us individually to make sure that we would pop out in the image.

At the end of the day Grace edited the pictures to make sure we all fit together.

I’m now recovering from a cold… but I already had it when this picture was taken.



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