Gargoyles in Space

Project 9 countries, 9 photo shoots, 9 months… how is that going? Well it’s definitely not a thing to randomly walk up to some stranger that does not speak the same language and demand to take their picture. Does it count if the model looks like they are in another country? Is that a thing? I have many pictures that look like they were taken in Africa!

Brussels (1024x683)Well this one was definitely not taken in Africa but obviously somewhere in Europe. Where? Belgium of course! We arrived in Bruxelles expecting rain.  Indeed, the clouds hung heavy over our heads but thankfully only a drizzle came down.

We headed straight to the church. The doors closed soon after our arrival.  We lingered outside by the steps. Josué tried to teach me how to do a handstand. It didn’t work out very well.

He climbed on to the railing and waited for me to adjust the settings on my camera.  The town’s square was beautifully lit behind him. I captured the moment in black and white – couldn’t tell if he was a gargoyle or a super hero. The full color RAW file was used to edit the final image.


When the camera was ready, Josué stood on his hands and walked down the railing. Grace went around and took this picture from a different angle. She loves taking pictures of people taking pictures. Pictureception!

Note: The image at the very top, taken from the side is also by Grace Romstad 🙂


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