Grow Big and Strong, Little Dragon

7 thoughts on “Grow Big and Strong, Little Dragon”

  1. It looks great with those little wings! How to train you dragon is a great movie. I find it interesting that a debate about the existence of God ensued, the debate should really be about whether you go to Heaven or not — in the early Christian tradition, one does not go to Heaven.


    1. Thanks!
      Guess the subject of debate would depend heavily on the beliefs of those participating.
      At first I was afraid that people were going to focus on associating dragons with the devil or something of the sort.


      1. Better a debate on the existence of God then dragons being of the Devil. Although in this age I think most people think dragons are cool. When I was a kid I had a Sunday school teacher tell me I was of the Devil because I keep snakes. Fortunately I was just devilish enough to tell him to shove it;)


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