Pianos in Abandoned Buildings

While we were location scouting for group production projects, we found an abandoned building.  I’m not sure what it was supposed to be.  Inside we found a school chair and desk, a working radio, the back seat of a car and best of all, a piano.  There were several trailers just outside filled with random things. It was all very bizarre.

After filming one day, Ben invited Serena and I to help him out with a photoshoot. It was funny because that was the day Serena and I had run off to go swimming in the lake. As we chattered in the water, Ben asked us what his model should wear. I said elegant. Long elegant dresses. On the way home, we all agreed to do a rebellious theme instead. Long dresses were a little difficult to come by, apparently.

That night Ben drove the girls and I out to the photoshoot location. Place of choice: Abandoned building with an abandoned piano.  He set up three point lighting with blue filters. It was the coolest set up I’ve ever seen.

Abandoned Houses (1) (1024x669)I walked back to the truck to fetch my camera. It was a mess. Shirts, skirts, dresses, makeup, hair products and even a bra or two. Victoria may have been the model, but Serena and I were also dressed up. Oh what a mess we all made!

Rap, hip-hop, reggeton –the girls and I turned up the music. It was really hard not to break out in dance. Ben was not happy with his assistants, lol.

Abandoned Houses (2) (1024x662)Everyone was in such a hurry to get back before curfew that the location was left with all the equipment set out. Just before midnight, Victoria, Serena and I ran to our separate dorm buildings. Given our interesting choice of attire- everyone was wondering what we had been up too. Well, now you know.

This past summer, Victoria helped me with a photoshoot within hours of returning from her summer job in China. We realized that I have yet to shoot her… but after moving to France, I found a random picture(top) that I took of her during Ben’s photoshoot.

Came out ok, don’t ya think?

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