Window Light, Window Flight

Growing up, my parents would make me stay in my room if I was naughty or needed to clean up. As a rebellious child, I’d remove the screen, flee the house and hide in my tree house. They caught on and Dad nailed the screen to the window. Well, that was the end of that.

My dorm back in the US finds removing screens a punishable crime. But in France? The windows here are just amazing. No screens and automatic blinds. Freedom! So much freedom! Of course, we had to take advantage of the photographic opportunity.

Originally, I planned to have someone floating out the window while birds were fling in. That totally didn’t work. The angles between the tripod and the window were weird.

The final image is actually composed of four different shots: Background, Tigger, Sarah and I. 

Spring (1024x683)After the final image was edited, the girls and I discussed it’s symbolic meaning. Sarah and I were both raised in conservative households; hers being to a greater extreme. As soon as she was able to, Sarah emancipated herself and wondered from her family’s traditions. I on the other hand haven’t strayed far. In this image, it’s almost as if I’m wondering out from my sheltered life while Sarah is returning from a wild adventure. It’s a very fitting picture, actually.

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