Gold, Mummies and King Tut

While in Paris, I dragged my friends through several stories in the Louvre trying to find the Egyptian mummies. We finally found them, all right – but it wasn’t enough.

King Tut (1)One of the girls said she had seen the Tutankhamun exhibit while visiting Egypt… so of course, I was ecstatic when King Tut came to Geneva! Ok, well maybe not his actual mummy but it was exciting never the less.

King Tut (3)Although I’d been in the area throughout break, it wasn’t until the last week of the exhibition that I got to go.  It was amazing to experience the discovery of the young Pharaoh’s tomb, and too see exact replicas of his treasures and tokens.

King Tut (2)It was definitely interesting to compare Tutankhamun’s mask to the digital reconstruction of his features. I felt like they looked similar straight on. Same nose and ears at least.

King Tut (5)It was quite a treat to see a recreation of the throne room and Pharaoh’s chariot. Egypt must have definitely required a lot of artists.  Just imagine how stories were constantly told during every reign. Hieroglyphics, statues, writing and all. Art so beautify and carefully created to keep the story of ancient Egypt alive.

King Tut (4)Oh, and look. I found Anubis! ( Of course, we know that Egypt is known for their love of furry felines and inspired art! )

Anyways, I’m super hyped up about Egypt and everything. Now all I want to do is pack my backpack and take an adventure through this historic land.


4 thoughts on “Gold, Mummies and King Tut

  1. That’s not a cat… That’s Anubis, the guide and guardian of the dead, who is at times shown as a man with a jackal head or – as in this case – just as a jackal. If you check out “anubis treasure chest” on google, you will find lots of pictures just like the one you saw at the museum. It’s a very popular artefact, that is often replicated in different sizes. I have two small ones. 😉


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