Murals on the Wall

No, I haven’t quite wondered into street art yet – but digital art is something that I’ve been trying my hand at recently.

This is the first project I worked on. It was really an eye opener for how difficult digital art really is.First Digital Drawing Progress (1024x749)Guess it looks ok – but certainly premature with all the leading lines and stuff.

Next, I decided to redo AlleyCat, a character first created in Highschool. Both the highschool and Freshman versions where used to the final digital image.

Alley Cat Progress (1024x341) It took a whole month! I just kept having to redo things…her skin, cloths, hair. The eyes alone took 8 hours to complete. Finishing everything up was the best feeling. The improvement was so significant!

Right after finishing up AllyCat, I ordered a tablet. As soon as it arrived, the new project took off.

Fair Maiden Progress (1024x555)The tablet made everything so much easier and faster. Two days and everything was all done. Throughout this one, I also learned how to integrate images into the art. It was a lot easier to use pictures of starfish than to draw them out to the same extent of detail.

I didn’t trace this next one.  It just came out. Half way through – I went to the doctor to get an X-ray. They saw a medical procedure, but I saw an artistic opportunity.

X rayThe rest of the image had to be recolored to fit accordingly. Her eyes remained closed. I was still a little traumatized from spending 8 hours on the drawing board!

This is the most recent project I’ve worked on. FacesaIt was referenced from a drawing class assignment done between 3:00am and 4:30am on 2-17-2013. Really? 3am? When the hell did I ever sleep! The story behind this image is actually kind of depressing. We were supposed to draw an emotion. I was definitely sitting in front of a friend’s mirror at that ungodly hour crying for hours.

Anyway, there is still a lot to work on. The eyes came out horribly – but at least the skin looks more realistic!

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