Gypsy Me

We’ve been trying to execute our circus photoshoot series for three whole months.  Every time we schedule; it rains, it snows, and it pours! Finally, we decided that rain or shine the first of these circus photoshoots would be done before the end of March.

Of course, the morning of the 30th, I woke up with a groan. The sky was dark and bleak. Piles of homework layed on my desk. Why was this a good idea?

All of our models,  were sitting on the edge of their chairs. They knew that the cooking class had to get out before 4 and the weather must contain itself in order for everything to flow as smoothly as planned. Around midday Kaelibeth, our photoshoot organizer/planner asked if we were still on. Thankfully, she was able to sneak out of class  in order to do makeup for our two clowns and juggler.

Meanwhile, Sarah and I visited the location. It looked a little different and it was a little further than we remembered. Nevertheless our minds were made up to proceed with the project.

IMG_0198a (786x1280)After, I dressed in my gypsy outfit… maybe a little too early. A North American highschool was visiting and my outfit definitely needed an explanation!

Sarah and I tied sheets filled with pillows and scarfs onto a long stick. We also added a chair since one of our clowns has yet to recuperate from a twisted ankle.

Up the road we went, gathering plenty of stares and smiles to go around. Can’t even imagine what everyone thought. A van full of people from our school came by. They were pretty surprised. Maybe Sarah and I were running away from school! Somewhere along the line, as we waved to a group of cyclists, our stick broke and we had to scramble to gather everything.

After about an hour of confusion, trips and setting up, things were finally starting to look up. Sarah had actually built a boho tent for me, the clowns and juggler were styled and in full make up. Maja, our clown with the twisted ankle was carried to the location… we’d gotten permission to borrow a different lens… (mine is broken)

Thus our photoshoot proceeded with great success.

And we all ran off on the account that dinner was served half an hour early…

IMG_0229 (1280x813)We ate in a hurry hoping that no one had stopped to rest in our little tent. The pillows and cushions were deceiving; if anyone had sat on them, they would have gotten their butts nailed.

We stared at our creation. Not wanting to take it down, we played cards and started planning. What about a gypsy campout in the mountains? Wouldn’t that be fun? We shall see, lol. I’m actually really excited!

It was getting dark. We finally loaded all of our stuff on a longer, stronger stick.

How to carry Things (995x1280)This time the three of us, Kaelibeth, Sarah and I, carried the stuff back. It was funny because we entered our dorm right in the middle of a Tahitian party.

People were like “What where you doing?” XD

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