Kind of a Triptych

Just a couple pictures  from a project sophomore year.  I was asked to take three images, one per quarter – each representing an ideal quality of our campus.
Running out of Time (1)Originally, I was very excited about working on it. The first caption, ‘A place to Serve’, was actually the last image I was able to obtain. It had been suggested that I have a group of students helping someone pick up their books. That whole idea didn’t work too well. It wasn’t real.

Weeks went by. The student community carried on with their daily lives, often going out of their way to help one another. I was just never at the right place at the right time.

It wasn’t until halfway through the year that I caught this young man teaching the young woman how to skateboard. They gave me permission to take a couple shots. I was really happy about finally being able to capture an image worthy of carrying it’s title.

Running out of Time (2)This one was actually the first I took, and probably the only semi- staged. We’d been invited to dinner off campus. Right as we were about to leave… I was like “Wait! Get in a circle and hold hands! I need a picture for something!”

Such a wonderful group of people!  We’d spent the night before singing in four different languages… in a mud cave. “C’est dommage” that this group never got together again as a whole. It’s was a coincidence that we hung out that weekend. Hummm… or maybe not. People of similar interests do seem to find each other. I just realised that four of us have lived in the same city in France within the last couple of years.

Running out of Time (4)


Days and weekends at school where always adventurous.  I can’t exactly say that my time there was relaxing; we lived life too spontaneously for that. Here, we’d randomly gone out for a day by the lake. I snapped the image and decided it would do. Maybe I should have had them lay down or something. Napping on blankets is a pretty common activity among the students.  Not really as a couple thing but rather something to do with friends.

Anyway, these images were never really turned in or used for their original purpose, so I thought I’d post them here.


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