Dragons at the Castle

Dragons and Paparatzi (8)On our way to Paris, we stopped at the Château de Chambord. It was actually pretty early in the morning, the castle had yet to be opened. Having traveled for so long, we eagerly ran around the grassy lawn. We also dance, we sang, and even pretended to be dragons.

Dragons and Paparatzi (1)The castle was just amazing. For some of us, it was the first real one we had ever seen.  I just remember standing there with the others, savoring the first glance.

Dragons and Paparatzi (2)There were so many details in each little tower. So many widows too, almost a little cluttered, perhaps a little too fancy.

Dragons and Paparatzi (7)The black and white option was preferred for these architectural shots because the grayscale allows one to focus on on the design.
Dragons and Paparatzi (3)Black and white however, did not really work for pictures of my friends. The lack of color made them merge into their surroundings.

Funny story – security was after us half the time!  None of us meant to attract attention to ourselves or maliciously provoke anyone… but stuff kinda happened. I got in trouble for crossing over a rope in order to get a picture of one of the girls sitting on the edge. Meanwhile, as we got reprimanded, I looked up to see one of the guys running on the floor above the security guard. Definitely another restricted area.

In the end, several of us were sent off with warnings while one girl was removed from the property entirely for doing a handstand on the edge of the wall some floors up.

Dragons and Paparatzi (9)Besides getting mischievous, we spent most of out time in tourist mode. PICTURES OF EVERYTHING!!!

Once again, I did them in black and white, this time to appreciate the light distribution within each image.

Dragons and Paparatzi (5)My favorite part, without doubt, was the helix staircase designed by Leonardo  da Vinci.  We were told that King François I chased his children up and down the stairs. The elusive stairs caused the children to think he was about to catch them when in reality that would have been impossible.Dragons and Paparatzi (6)This is the view from one of the little slits at the top of the staircase. Kind of looks like a prison cell, though the other side is certainly an artistic marvel.

Dragons and Paparatzi (4)Time spent at the castle was genuinely enjoyed by all.

Here I am, always dreaming all the places to shoot pretty girls decked out in red dress. Not gonna lie though, a fashionable photo shoot would have been fabulous here.


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