Twirl Me

A week or so ago, I helped Kae film a choreography she’d been working on.  Being the first film project in a while, it was a little rough.  Guess that’s actually because  I’d never filmed with a 50mm Prime lens before. The result is not so bad though. Kae actually did an awesome job at editing and of course, her routine is fabulous!  LOVE it!

It’s kinda funny that the umbrella, which played such a big part, was complete coincidence. We grabbed it on the way out. Added that magic sparkle though, didn’t it?



4 thoughts on “Twirl Me

  1. I really love this. The movements alone would be compelling, but combined and timed with the music, plus the music itself, it really becomes quite something.


    1. She is definitely very talented in creating choreographic 🙂
      Personally, I had to climb up the wooden structure to hand over things, and that in it’s self was a challenge. Don’t know how she did it, lol.


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