Shadows Dancing on the Wall

Saw this image while cleaning out the hard drive. It’s of my favorite display at the Centre Georges Pompidou: Shadow Play by Hans-Peter Feldmann. It’s basically composed of little figurines casting shadows on the wall as they rotate on a disc.  You can just sit there and watch it for hours. It’s kinda funny under what circumstances I ended gazing up at this display.

IMG_5470 (1280x853)We were supposed to spend the day visiting Parisian museums.  The plan was too meet up with a friend who was running an errand. We waited at the Louvre for over two hours but he was nowhere to be seen.  Grace and I both reacted very differently to the situation. She was set on waiting longer while I wanted to explore the city.

In the end, we went out for lunch and later to the Pompidou. She introduced me to the display and we sat there in silence, trying not to worry about the situation.  We didn’t find our friend till much later that night. Thankfully everything worked out… but that’s a completely different story 🙂



5 thoughts on “Shadows Dancing on the Wall

  1. Hey JQ, this picture is very mysterious looking 🙂 Seems like a very interesting and unique exhibit.
    Glad you found your friend back 😉 You did the right thing to go out and explore!


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