Silhouettes Against Les Horizons

The group of us headed out back around 8pm. Given how late the sun sets, we had enough time to set up camp before climbing up the boulders. Got up just in time to see the last sliver of sun slip behind the Jura Mountain range.IMG_1695 (1280x853)Sad to say, but it might be the last sunset we see over France. It’s been awfully cloudy lately with a forecast predicting mostly rain. We have hope though – the weather report isn’t always right.

Anyways, here’s a picture of just the earth and sky. Not as epic as it could have been, yet it still looks pretty cool.
IMG_1702 (1280x853)I really like the palette. At first glance, one could distinguish between the blue and the orange. Upon closer inspection, you can see  neon orange, tangerine, sherbet, as well as the  lavender, prune and blueberry. So many colors!


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