Night Under the Mountain

There is a group at our school that is often going camping or planning such outdoor activities. Wish I’d been better friends with them, because honestly those are the types of things that I miss from my childhood. The things I hope to continue doing in the future.

I did get to hang out with them a couple weeks ago when they decided to camp out back by the boulder field under the Salève. The weather report was super sketch. It was actually supposed to be raining, but not a drop fell from the sky.  It didn’t matter, we were determined to go camping either way.

We met up at 8pm, girls dorm. After blankets and sleeping bags were arranged, we set out to look for wood. Sometimes, when the laughter would fade into smiles, we’d hear music in the distance. Tried to ignore it, but it was kinda hard not to feel the base booming through our veins.

I led two of the girls into the woods to help collect loose sticks. You will not believe what was hidden amongst the foliage. Two enormous speakers almost as tall as we were! They played loudly into the trees as we stood there, mouths hanging in utter disbelief. A couch, table and among other things had been placed nearby. I ran to the dorm to get my camera but upon my return, one of the guys said that a large group of party people had formed in the woods and we should probably stay away. Bummer.

Wish there were more pictures to depict the evening happenings.  This is just the progression of our campfire. The last two images in the set were taken by Grace after she climbed on top of one of the boulders. Camping Sous Saleve

S’mores were devoured along with an apple pie one of the boys had baked on the campfire. Stories were told, songs may or may not have been sung. We had a darn good time.

After everyone had laid down for the night, Sarah agreed to stay up with me to take pictures of the stars.

The Saleve at Night (1280x404)Doing astrophotography of the European sky has been on my bucket list for quite some time. The predicted rain clouds where nowhere in sight. The moon was shrunk to only a sliver. The conditions where perfect… well perfect except for the camera. The lens to be specific. As I’ve found, a 50mm is not always a best friend. Specially not in this case.

Try as I would, I could not get a good image. We were camping way to close to the mountain. Not only that but the white balance was an issue. After an hour or more of unfruitful attempts, Sarah went back to the dorm. I tried one more thing; panorama shot.

Bedtime! I laid awake long after snuggling into my sleeping bag. Perhaps trying to count the stars, perhaps watching them circle above the mountain. Lid were eventually shut as I slipped away into a dreamy world…



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