Night on the Lac Léman

10 thoughts on “Night on the Lac Léman”

  1. I like you commissioned view of the Matterhorn, complete with musical notes and colorful bugs. 🙂 Who commissioned it? I’ve been working on mastering night photos for Burning Man since night is such an important part of the event. –Curt


    1. Thank you!
      If I remember correctly, it was for a youth group / event called “2”.

      That’s gonna be a lot of fun! When it comes down to it, it’s all about getting the settings right.


      1. Each year, I get a little better. The whole event is a photographer’s dream, if you are careful about desert dust storms. Then it can become a nightmare. I’ve retired one cameral it was so bad.


      2. Always with practice. Although sometimes it’s just luck >.<
        No way! That is awful! It does happen unfortunately. Once, I broke a lens after going mud caving… but that time, someone had kicked the DSLR after it survived being in the cave.


      3. Think of the thousands of hours Ansel Adams spent in his darkroom J.Q. He was an absolute master. Taking the photo was only the beginning. And now we have photoshop…


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