That One Time Switzerland Invaded France

7 thoughts on “That One Time Switzerland Invaded France”

  1. Laughing here JQ. First at you climbing the mountain in your dress and high heeled rain boots. Lucky that unlike Jill, you didn’t come tumbling down and break your crown. Fun, fun story about the flag. And of course it was worth it– if for no other reason than the silliness of it creating an international incident between France and Switzerland over nothing.

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  2. Wow, this is all so beautiful! After living in Germany for 2 years, I have yet to visit Switzerland or France. Quite sad, right? Now I really think I must go. 🙂 Your photos are just lovely, thanks for sharing!


    1. You should definitively go for it.
      I recommend skiing down the alps in the winter. Especially after a night’s snow, all the little cottages look straight out of a Christmas card!
      Summer exploring the Cote Azure would be awesome too – especially since Monaco and Italy are a short drive away. You can visit all three countries at once!


  3. In an earlier inexperienced age while travelling cross-country, my wife and I parked our van and hiked down Meteor Crater. She wore high heels. And we didn’t bring water with us. On the ascent a guy with polio-type crutches passed us by, and said, “You’ll get used to it.” A very learning experience for our future years of hiking. Many thanx for the photos and info. Peace.


    1. Oh man! It seems like attempting to hike in heels always ends in a good story or two.

      Props to the man with crutches. Once while we were hiking up the same mountain, some guy on crutches hurried passed. We could not believe how much faster than us he was going!


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