From 12 to 21

In art class, we were asked to paint something. Anything. Hardly any instruction given at all.  Well, painting portraits with Photoshop seemed to be working out. Why not? My roomate, a fine arts major,  sure makes it look so easy. The way she turns color and paper into seemingly effortless master pieces. It couldn’t be too hard.

I dipped  my paintbrush into a mixture of  gouache and water color. Well…in many ways, painting on the computer is certainly much easier than doing so on a canvas. My respect goes out to those who are dedicated in this field.

My art professor came over with a  slightly amused frown on her face. “C’est pour apprendre à faire le maquillage?” I shook  my head. No, it was not to learn how to put on makeup.  Showing her how my digital projects were composed made it worse. She did not believe that they were made from scratch. The computer had obviously evolved them in the same way textbooks say the world evolved without a creator.

There may have been one too many sighs of frustration. The teacher took the paint brush and carefully reoutlined  the features. During the next class, however, I was still trying to fix the shading. It still looked like badly placed foundation. “Oh well,” I thought “better work on that hair, eyes and foliage”.   >.<

Ignoring the badly rendered face, I finished with a satisfying grin. Surly, this new and improved project would show my progress in painting.
Amazon Mermaid, age 12 and 21You can imagine my dismay when I compared it against the Amazonian  toucan and frog I’d created at age 12. Why, the three of them really do seem to go together, don’t they? How fitting. Had a good laugh, then sent them off to Grandma who I’m sure will be delighted. Guess you can say that I’m being pissy because the 21 year old me couldn’t out do the 12 year old. 100_1707

Here is another Amazon themed painting. This one was commissioned when I was 15. Again, there wasn’t much instruction with this one either. It was supposed to represent “munchies”  and had the liberty to be interpreted any way I chose.

For some unexplainable reason, the result involved some tale in which Eve was a mermaid and the serpent was a parrot handing out chocolate covered doughnuts. WEIRD.  Oh, and if you look closely, the frog made another appearance. Well, kind of. They are not the same species.

Anyways… this got me into wondering how  artists often come up with similar compositions. How they can easily be recognized by the styles they develop and the subjects they choose.

Is it’s like  “Oh, let me draw another mermaid in the Amazon rain forest! ” or more “OMG, I randomly drew another person that looks like an Amazon mermaid!”

On further thought, guess it depends on each artist. Style can be inspired by interests, experiences, feelings and just about anything else under the sun.

Even drugs apparently O.o

But that is not something I’m currently interested in investigating.

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