Drama Behind the Scenes

5 thoughts on “Drama Behind the Scenes”

  1. Fun with film. Learning how to make your way in the dark to load film in anything is a pain, but movie cameras are super troublesome. Nice set of photos. Movie making is so much work.


  2. Excellent post. being able to look back and laugh at something, that at the time was anything but funny, is a skill/gift that will keep you balanced. It will also generate great material for many forms of mass media & creative expression. The photo shots are very good and the slow-mo bride run was classic.

    before starting to read this post I opened up several of the links you recommended to look at later. I suddenly had music playing and no way of determining which blog was providing the extra level of media experience. Had to shut down pages systematically till the music stopped. It was the last one, sigh.

    Thanks for visiting my Implied Spaces blog. You may find some of my posts on my Media Literacy Blog of interest. A recent one, Poppy Shadow Heart – Film Noir, may fit in your areas of interest. Thanks again. Will be checking out more of your posts. 🙂


    1. Thank you.
      You are right. That’s probably the best way to remember situations. No use in being sour, lol.
      Oh, no! I’m so sorry! That must have been the ‘Jim Jordan’ site. Just added a little note there on the side so it won’t happen again.
      Also, thanks for the suggestion. I will be looking at your post 🙂


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