Don’t Fall Down the Drain

Yes, that was a blurry yet aesthetically pleasing image featuring a staircase inside the Arch de Triumph.

Of course, most have watched ‘Taken’. Upon deciding to move to France, it was a movie that was often mentioned in conversation. Instead of taking the matter directly to me, someone went as far as accusing my parents of irresponsibility for allowing their only child to go so far on her own.

It is very sad that people focus their attention on places that they know nothing about except for the misconceptions fueled by movies. Aren’t they aware that human trafficking also exists in the United States? That many children, men and women are subject to all sorts of abuse behind close doors?

This poem created by the Homeland Revolution team at the University of Redlands in Southern California really highlights how anyone might be a victim of this awful reality:

Unfortunately,  modern slavery and sex Trafficking is not just a problem for the world abroad.

Find out how you can take steps, big or small, in the fight against it by finding Homeland Revolution on Facebook or emailing them at


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