From Afar

There is something enticing about the flickering multicolored lights produced by concentrations of civilization. They are like little galaxies within the planet we call earth. They represent everything that comes with human kind. Life. Happiness. Tragedy.

Many prefer to walk within the comfort of concrete sidewalks and street lamps. They see carefree smiles of strangers and feel warmth in their passing. It’s a comforting feeling to be among one’s own.

But I, sometimes I feel different.

Yes, the dazzling array is magnificent in it’s own way, but to me… only from afar. Even then, it makes me a little sad. All those twinkling little lights represent people. Humans from all walks of life. The rich, the workers, the homeless… and that’s just to mention a few. All these, though different in social standing, come together as one when it comes to other matters.

Sometimes people are so focused on their thoughts, problems and little smart screens that life passes around them and they forget to live it and enjoy it. Even worse, they only see the world through a single lens. They experience life from inside the box and are ever so [lazy, frightened, busy, unadventurous – you fill in the blank!] to venture out.

Don’t be that person. Don’t be one of them. When the moon is full and the city is too busy dancing with egotistical personas and selfies on Instagram, come and experience an adventure.  Get away from civilization.

IMG_1751 (853x1280)Do you dare carry on past the gates and venture through the trees? Do it. Leave your worries and mundane affairs behind. Don’t be afraid; your worst nightmare only exists within the depths of your imagination.

Aren’t the stars beautiful? If it’s dark enough, they’ll sweep across the sky like sand on a Tahitian paradise. They twinkle and sparkle in a scientific formula epically more fantastical than your average light bulb.

Do you hear the bells of domestic cattle? Maybe a pond full of amphibians, crickets in the field or that creepy children’s laughter produced by a clan of coyotes?  Let nature’s tune lull you to dream land as you cuddle with friends (hopefully human ones, lol) under Orion’s Belt and the Milky Way.


* City of Geneva as seen from one of our sleepovers on the base of the Saleve. (Although this is pretty much the same view from our dorm rooms.)


One thought on “From Afar

  1. Dare to come away from the bright and hard into the dark and damp…the alchemist metaphor of the archetypal masculine and feminine…nice…bob


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