Goodbye – One Last Time

We were up by 2:45am. Yeah, I know it’s crazy, but that’s the only way we’d be out by 3. Of course, the night sky was a cause for constantly running into things. Oh the stars, so many stars, oh so overwhelmingly marvelous!

We tried to set up the tripod at the base of the mountain but were soon chased away by a pack of unchained dogs. Thankfully a group of men racing down on scooters unknowingly diverted them away from us.

Out of all the times being paranoid, this was probably the worst. There was obviously some creep lurking in the darkness. Maybe human, perhaps a beast… Oh, all the things a wild imagination can come up with! At one point Sarah and I had to crawl under the guard rail to hid from an upcoming car. Ironically, we didn’t trust any weirdos riding up at at four in the morning!

The sky lightened and the glitter faded away as we reached the top. It was such a surreal view with the lights still glowing in the cities below. I stared at it for a good long time because I assumed it would be the last.Snow, Sunrise Over the Alps 628 (1024x683)Deep breath, deep sigh. It was time to move on. We walked for at least another half an hour. It could have been 45. It probably was 45.  Finally, after crossing from one side to the other  it was certain that the sun would rise before our eyes. I set up the tripod and promptly fell asleep by the side of the road. Don’t worry, no one slept through the grad event; we’d given ourselves enough time for a handy dandy nap. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Then all of the sudden, magic filled the air. Sarah told me to get up. It was so exciting! We stood on our tippi toes as the sun peeked over the horizon and spread it’s warmth across the Swiss,French, Italian alps. Words  and pictures cannot express the beauty we witnessed that day. Not even in composite.

Sunrise Over the Swiss Alps (1024x109)

We danced in the morning light, just as we’d danced under the moon.

Sunrise Over (1024x389)But all too soon, the time was up and we had to go back. The hills jingled with the sound of bells. The cows grazed peacefully in a way that no California cow could ever dream of. They were friendly and curious too. Snow, Sunrise Over the Alps 706 (1024x683)One day, I’m going to own a little herd of cows… each one will have a cowbell with a different note down the musical scale. And as they graze, they will make songs… and be moosical cows!

Anyways, we probably ran the rest of the way down. I had to dress up for a program at the chapel. It was crazy that we’d done everything with enough time to participate in it.

So many things happened in a short couple of hours that it seemed like forever since we’d stood on the edge of a mountain to look over the alps. Less than a couple sun ups  and four countries later, I stood in the MontBlanc store in Las Vegas, Nevada. All of the sudden I got the connection between the pens and the mountain. Excitedly, I ran over to the clerk and showed her a picture in my camera.

“Is it the same?” I asked.

She looked at the logo in comparison.

“Yes, it looked like it. Where did you take that?” the woman asked.

“On the mountain behind my school.”

She looked me up and down. “Really?”


Yeah. That’s where I’d spent the last year of my life. Feels just kinda creeped up. There are very few places in the world when you can have windows as tall as the sky and literally live with the Alps past your backyard.


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