Once again I’ve collaborated with the amazingly talented Kae Avine. All year, she wanted to create a routine around the waterfall outside our dorm. Right before leaving France, we had the chance to film it.

This girl’s choreography is just so perfectly timed. You can watch the version that she edited below:

Ugh, there are definitely a lot of issues with the camera work. It’s still very rough from the lack of practice with hand held. Thankfully, my current school has stabilizers. The next time I work on a project – that is going to be a priority.

Anyways, when we were done filming all the parts, there was one shot that wasn’t quite satisfactory. It was that whole ‘ laying over the waterfall’ thing. We tried to recreate it in the middle of the road.

Unfortunately, it was at that particular moment that our dean drove up! It must have looked incredibly bizarre; Kae was stretched out on the ground as I stood over her. Obviously, the dean freaked out. We were quick to assure her that we were just filming. No road accidents there!

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