Aliens, Lets be Friends!

For being new, there is a surprisingly large amount of familiar faces. A cousin, several church friends and definitively a ton of students who also transferred from the same college in Napa. Regardless, there is still a feeling of emptiness and loneliness in a new environment. Seeing acquaintances isn’t the same as creating epic memories with mes copins. Orientation didn’t do a very good job of introducing new friendships… oh well. Sometimes one has to find other was of making connections.

Last night, I walked out under the full moon to see what images could be captured. Three young men came by and one of them asked if I needed a model. Of course, he must have been kidding – but if someone is going to offer, why not take it? Handed him a flashlight and told him to go draw something. The other two guys started backing away.

“Wait for me!” he pleaded, but the others claimed be on their way to study O-Chem. Who knows, the girls dorm doesn’t quite provide the adequate C2H6O environment, but they promptly headed there anyways. (Wait, was that ethanol? Ok, so maybe… never mind. You can tell I’m no Bio major).

The guy who stayed drew away. He was intrigued by the unedited effect in the images. Cool. We formally introduced ourselves before also had to get caught up on O-Chem.

Hoping to go on a night hike, I followed the dirt path outside the dorm. Unfortunately, after a couple of steps later, I realized that it just lead to more housing. Funny thing, the same thing happened in France when Grace and I accidentally landed in someone’s yard. Guess one can’t trust trails leading away from girls’ dorms. They never quite seem to quite get away from civilization. Gonna have to search for the trails in the morning light, lol!

Missed the Moon (800x103)

Though the view wasn’t quite as anticipated, I set up the tripod and took a panoramic with the 50mm. Unlike Napa –  you can kinda see behind the trees. The view is still one to miss though.
Grapes amongst the evergreen groves.
Endless rows of purple wine.


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